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Governance system

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has drawn up a series of rules and organisational structures which allow the Company’s management activities to be executed correctly and efficiently.

In this sense, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has adopted a corporate governance model in order to guarantee the adequate division of responsibilities and powers, as well as an asset management activity increasingly oriented towards maximising the customer’s interests.

Policies and procedures

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has adopted operating policies and procedures to properly handle any conflicts of interests which envisage, among other things, involving Independent Directors and the Board of Auditors in the decision-making process.

The Risks and Controls Supervisory Committee

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has also created a Risks and Controls Supervisory Committee, instituted by the Board of Directors. The Committee members include Independent Directors and it has the duty of identifying how to manage any potential situation of conflict with the interests of the participants of the investment funds managed by the Asset Management Company, and to supervise the implementation of the strategies and policies regarding risks, conformity control and internal auditing determined by the Board of Directors.

The Investments Committee

For the greater protection of investors’ interests, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has formed an Investments Committee for the listed funds Alpha, Atlantic 1 and Atlantic 2 - Berenice, with advisory functions relative to certain management actions.

The Code of Ethics and Supervisory BODY

The Company has also adopted a Code of Ethics, and an organisational, management and control model, pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 (also containing the legal provisions on the administrative liability of corporate bodies, companies and associations, even if without legal status) and a Supervisory Body appointed by the Board of Directors:

Maurizio Bortolotto Chairman
Luca Voglino Member
Davide Bossi Member

The said Supervisory Body, endowed with autonomous powers of initiative and control, has the duty of supervising the function, observance and updating of the Model 231.

The operations of the Asset Management Company are also subject to constant control by the external supervisory bodies (the Bank of Italy, CONSOB i.e. the Italian Securities and Investments Board, the Financial Intelligence Unit, etc.), in order to safeguard and guarantee the transparency of the activities and the fund management methods.

Codice etico

Parte generale – Modello di Organizzazione, Gestione e Controllo