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Fondo Alpha

Alpha is the first real estate investment fund to have been listed and the first contribution fund to have been placed in Italy. It was created in 2001 with the contribution of 26 INPDAP properties - mainly destined for the tertiary sector - located in Bologna, Milan and Rome.
Alpha is also the first example of divestiture of public assets through a real estate fund and its market success has prompted further sales of public property.
The Fund, successfully placed in June 2002 -over a period of only 13 days-, was listed on Borsa Italiana’s Telematic Funds Market (MIV) on July 4 of the same year.
As far as market listings are concerned, the Alpha Fund has remained consistently above its placement price since July 2004, even reaching top average exchange value in daily trading.
While remaining the ideal financial instrument for medium-to-long-term investments, the Alpha Fund is also suitable for early liquidation.

The Alpha Fund is designed for retail clients and qualified investors.

The Alpha Fund real estate assets are mainly offices concentrated in major cities and diversified by geographical areas to take full advantage of the different property cycles while minimizing the variability in returns from rental and sales contracts.

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