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Fondo Beta

The Beta Fund is FIMIT SGR’s second public contribution fund. It was created through the contribution of INPDAP properties.

The Fund was established on 1 January 2004 with the contribution of 41 properties to the value of over 268 million euros. FIMIT, having gained remarkable experience through the management of the Alpha Fund, immediately started to increase the value of its portfolio through structural improvement actions, the renewal of rental contracts and the divestiture of non-strategic assets.

The Beta Fund is designed for retail clients and qualified investors.

Beta real estate portfolio comprises of 8 buildings located in central Italy, primarily Rome, mainly used as offices for a total value equal to 180.7 million euros.

In addition to the assets above, Fondo Beta also holds a joint investment in the Forte Village Resort, consisting of a 27% interest in the property and a controlling stake in “Da Vinci S.r.l.”.

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