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Who we are

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is the leading asset management company in Italy, specialized on real estate investment funds.

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR is one of the top players in Europe, with 9 billion of assets under management and 40 funds, 5 of wich are listed on the Italian Stock Exchange ( MIV segment, Electronic Market Investment Vehicles). The company is held for 64,3 % by DeA Capital and it is thus part of the De Agostini Group.

The  two other largest shareholders are prominent Italian social security bodies: INPS (29,7%) and Fondazione Carispezia (6%).

The shareholding structure represents a key feature of the SGR, as it allows us to be recognized as an ideal partner for institutional investors, both italian and international, for the development, promotion and management of investments funds.

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR can relay on a wide investor base encompassing approximately 80 institutional investors and over 70,00 retail investors. Among these investors there are the most important italian pension fund, the main italian banks, insurance companies, other institutional investor (as bank foundations) as well as industrial companies and family offices.


Preferences for investments in Core/Core Plus assets with particular attention on the quality of our assets and solidity of our tenants.