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DeA Capital Real Estate SGR benefits from being the result of the merger of two specialized players, which, thanks to a long experience and a consistent approach to investments over the years, have stood the test of markets.

The firm can rely on the following strengths:

Proven origination ability

  • Thorough knowledge of the real estate market;
  • Capillary network in the business and real estate community;
  • Relations with international advisors;
  • Excellent reputation in the market.

Constant performing know how

  • Rapid identification of asset potential;
  • Technical, commercial and financial analyses carried out in-house;
  • Experience in structuring complex operations;
  • Attention to quality, costs management and schedules.

Proven asset management ability

  • Established relationships with high standing tenants;
  • Large network of local brokers;
  • Ability to maximize income from the income-producing properties;
  • Ability in implementing successful exit strategies.


Creation of financial opportunities that represent real investment outlooks able to generate stable cash flows with a moderate risk.