ROMA Sede Via Mercadante


Management and staff of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR bring high profile professional experiences, strategic and managerial skills, contacts and profitable relationships, innovation and credibility to the Company.
The team spirit that runs through the Milan and Rome offices as a current of positive energy.


Gianluca Grea Chairman
Emanuele Caniggia Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Paolo Scordino Vice President Market Development
Alberto Meloni Executive Director Asset Management
Renzo Misitano Executive Director Real Estate Development
Francesco Brenna Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Roberto Schiavelli Executive Director General Counsel
Gabriele Riboni Executive Director Human Resources & Organisation
Mirko Bruno Director Funds management
Martina Ibba Director Funds management
Raoul Ravara Director Funds management
Marisa Spisso Director Funds management
Gregorio Ott Director Funds management
Nicola Mitidieri Compliance and Anti-Money Laundering Manager
Marco Scopigno Media & Communications Manager
Luca D’Antrassi Head of Asset Valuation 
Anna Maria Pacini ESG Manager
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