Beta Fund unitholders’ meeting

Beta Fund unitholders’ meeting: Liscartan Investment S.à.r.l., the unitholder that requested the meeting to be convened, will not attend tomorrow  

Rome, 12 September 2012– Liscartan Investment S.à r.l., the holder of around 31% of the Beta Fund’s units, which called for the unitholders’ meeting scheduled for tomorrow, 13 September 2012, notified IDeA FIMIT of the requirement to “provide unitholders with information, over the next few weeks, that supports the real possibility that the value-enhancement objectives – in line with the Beta Fund’s NAV – will be achieved by the Fund’s expiry date, as well as information on any further initiatives in this regard”. In consideration of the foregoing and in its own interest and the interests of all Beta Fund unitholders, Liscartan Investment S.à r.l. .considers it appropriate to defer any and all initiatives, with specific reference to the termination and replacement of the Beta Fund’s management company, to a later date.

Liscartan Investment S.à r.l has therefore notified IDeA FIMIT of its intention not to attend the above-mentioned unitholders’ meeting tomorrow, reserving the right, once it has acquired and assessed the required information, to request another unitholders’ meeting to be convened for 13 December 2012 on the same topic as the meeting scheduled for tomorrow.

IDeA FIMIT considers that the distribution of the above-mentioned information requested by Liscartan Investment S.à r.l. is in the interests of all Beta Fund unitholders and the market, and has therefore agreed to the request. It will make the information available within the timescales indicated above, i.e. after the unitholders’ meeting to be held tomorrow, Thursday 13 September 2012.

IDeA FIMIT advises that the Beta Fund unitholders’ meeting will still go ahead tomorrow at 12.00 at the Company's offices, Via Crescenzio, 14, Rome, in accordance with the relevant notice of meeting published on 10 July 2012.

Press release prepared pursuant to articles 102 et seq of Consob Resolution 11971/99.