DeA Capital RE is aware that the sustainability and growth of the Company are guaranteed by the value of the people who are part of it. The SGR firmly believes that human capital is a resource to be protected, enhanced and strengthened, in compliance with the principles of gender equality and racial equality.

In 2023, 54% of employees are female, the Gender Pay Gap for the female gender is overall -16%, with a continuously decreasing trend and substantial improvement in the last four years.

The SGR is committed to implementing employment policies oriented towards stability and long-term collaboration with its employees. Therefore, DeA Capital RE favors permanent contracts over fixed-term ones as a means of promoting the loyalty and development of human resources. For data, refer to the annual ESG Reports.

DeA Capital RE has aligned the remuneration and incentive system of its staff with the regulations on sustainable finance and the best practices of the financial market, introducing individual objectives on sustainability issues consistent with the strategy adopted by the SGR on these issues. For data, refer to the annual ESG Reports.

The SGR in implementing training activities in order to strengthen individual skills and develop better management skills, all employees receive training on ESG topics annually.

DeA Capital RE is involved in multiple social responsibility initiatives and projects defined within the DeA Capital Group and coordinated by the De Agostini Foundation.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

The SGR’s commitment to its people and in particular on the issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, is reflected in the adoption of a Gender Equality Policy through which it formalizes its commitments.

As a natural evolution of its strategies, DeA Capita RE has implemented a Gender Equality Management System certified according to the UNI PdR 125:2022 standard.