Our History

Our history began in 1998, and since then, we have always grown by innovating the sector.

Our real estate fund was the first listed on the market in Italy. We were the first to carry out significant real estate Sale & Lease Back transactions with leading Italian banks and insurance companies. Today, we are a founding part of a pan-European Real Estate platform in the main European markets.

  • 2023

    Development in progress

    Participation with stand at Mipim 2023.
    Atlantic1 Fund sells property in San Donato Milanese.
    GRI Italy edition organized at The Medelan.
    The Medelan finalist at the Fiabci Prix d’Excellence Award in Miami 2023.

  • 2022

    Development, new funds and first pan-European fund

    With 55 Funds + 1 SICAF and 12.6 billion AUM, it is the asset management company in first place in Italy
    New funds: La Dolce Vita – Millennium Luxury Fund – Vision – Insight – ThirdEye.
    The SGR launches the first Pan-European fund: DeAREIF I SICAV-RAIF.
    Fondo Atlantic 1 distributes proceeds for a total of 7,301,280 euros.
    Fondo Atlantic 1 extends the deadline to 31/12/2023
    The SGR Participates with stands at Mipim 2022.
    The Medelan finalist of Mipim Awards ’22, category “Best Renovated Complex”.
    The asset management company awarded with The Medelan at Monitorimmobiliare’s RE Italy.
    Joint venture with Europa Capital for development in France.
    Start of construction Milano 3.0 – Next Generation Living.
    17 SGR funds obtain 83 out of 100 points from Gresb on ESG performance
    The asset management company obtains an average of 83 points out of 100 from Gresb on the ESG performance of the 17 funds assessed
    Millennium Luxury Fund buys Palazzo Marini in Rome for 165 million euros. It will be the new Four Seasons of the Capital.

  • 2021

    Growth and new real estate funds

    55 Funds – 1 SICAF – € 11.7bn of assets under management
    New funds: Bear; GO Italy VIII; Logita; Longevity; Y; Generation Fund
    Fondo Alpha sells Via Tor Cervara in Rome and reimburses € 92 pro-quota – Sells Via Lamaro in Rome
    and Via Crespi in Milan and reimburses € 121 pro-quota.
    Fondo Rho Plus: 24Ore Business School new tenant of Via Gaeta in Rome
    Logita Fund exceeds 1 billion in investments, it is the largest logistics fund in Italy.
    The SGR signs an agreement with Mands Masterandskills, the Rome Business School, for Masters in its sector.

  • 2020

    New funds and new investments

    The AMC launches 4 new fund – Park West, GO ITALIA VII, Altair, Drake – and the SICAF Areef 2 Palio.
    Ippocrate Fund buys a Euro 122 million real estate package in Rome and Milan.
    Tessalo Fund acquires a hospital complex in the Casilino district in Rome.

  • 2019

    100% DeA Capital S.p.A – The AMC launches 4 new funds

    DeA Capital S.p.A. increases to 100% of the share capital of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. – Launch of four new reserved funds: Drive, Mach, GO Italia V, GO Italia VI, Club Deal and High Garden.

  • 2018

    Exit of INPS increase of DeA Capital S.p.A. – The AMC launches 8 new funds

    DeA Capital S.p.A. rises to 94%. After the exit of INPS – Launch of new reserved funds: GO Italia III and GO Italia IV, Leone Fund, Tessalo Fund, Aedison Fund, Aetmosphere Fund. Fenice Fund and Laurus Fund.

  • 2017

    Establishment of DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. – The AMC launches 6 new funds

    IDeA Fimit SGR S.p.A becomes DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. – Launch of 6 new real estate funds: Broggi Fund (with the addition of Palazzo Broggi), GO Italia II Fund, Milan Development 1 Fund, Diamond Value Added Properties Fund, Renaissance Fund and Lumiere Fund.

  • 2016

    The AMC launches 6 new funds.

    7 new real estate funds start their operations: Alveare, IDeA NPL, GO Italia I, Diamond Italian Properties, Roma Santa Palomba SH, Trophy Value Added and Yielding.

  • 2015

    Real estate funds grow

    Theta Fund becomes an umbrella fund: Focus and Officium Sub-Funds – Launch of the Ecovillage Project following the purchase/contribution of the area by the Sub-Fund One of the IDeA FIMIT Sviluppo Fund – Launch of the Civitas Vitae Fund.

  • 2014

    New funds, new investments

    Start of operations of the reserved funds Housing Liguria, Moma, Ambiente and Armonia.
    Sviluppo del Territorio Fund (Territory Development) enters the capital of ITN for the development of the Gulf of La Spezia.

  • 2013

    Spazio Industriale Fund and IDeA Fimit Sviluppo Fund

    Transfer of the management of the Spazio Industriale Fund, promoted and previously managed by another AMC – Launch of the IDeA FIMIT Sviluppo Fund.

  • 2012

    New real estate funds – Fitch Ratings M2

    Launch of the reserved funds Agris and Atlantic Value Added (AVA) – Transfer of 8 real estate funds by Duemme SGR S.p.A. – Confirmation of the M2 rating – by Fitch Ratings.

  • 2011

    Establishment of IDeA FIMIT SGR S.p.A. – Launch of 3 new funds

    IDeA FIMIT SGR S.p.A. operational as of 3 October, established from the merger by incorporation of FARE SGR S.p.A. into FIMIT SGR S.p.A. – Launch of the reserved funds Conero, Venere and Rho Plus.

  • 2010

    2 new operating funds for FIMIT SGR S.p.A.

    Launch of Senior Fund, intended for social initiatives and start of operations of Schroder Italian Property fund 2.

  • 2009

    Growth of FIMIT SGR S.p.A. and FARE SGR S.p.A. Funds

    Finalisation of a second contribution to the Omicron Plus Fund consisting of 179 properties of the UniCredit Group and start of operations of Rho Fund through the contribution of a portfolio of properties of the Fondiaria SAI Group, for FIMIT SGR S.p.A. – Launch of the Atlantic 12 Fund reserved for qualified investors by FARE SGR S.p.A.

  • 2008

    Growth of FIMIT SGR S.p.A. and FARE SGR S.p.A. Funds – Strong rating for FIMIT SGR

    Start of operations of the reserved funds Eta, Fenice, Tau, Sviluppo del Territorio Fund (Territory Development) and Omicron Plus Fund. Start of operations of Omega Fund through the contribution of 284 properties of the Intesa Sanpaolo Group, all for FIMIT SGR S.p.A. – Upgrading of the rating of FIMIT SGR S.p.A. from M3+ (Adequate) to M2- (Strong) by the international agency Fitch Ratings – Start of operations of Atlantic 6 Fund for FARE SGR S.p.A.

  • 2007

    Launch of Ippocrate Fund FARE SGR S.p.A.

    Launch of Ippocrate Fund, reserved for institutional investors that held real estate assets of approximately 2 million at 30/06/2011.

  • 2006

    Atlantic 1 Fund – Aries, Theta and Delta Funds

    Launch of Atlantic 1 Fund, a closed real estate fund listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, through the contribution of 46 properties (FARE SGR S.p.A.) – Launch of the reserved funds Aries and Theta Immobiliare – Placement of Delta Fund on the Italian Stock Exchange market, with a collection of over Euro 210 million (FIMIT SGR S.p.A.).

  • 2005

    Sigma, Gamma and Spazio industriale Funds – Establishment of FARE SGR S.p.A.

    Start of operations of the Sigma, Gamma and Spazio Industriale Funds: contribution funds reserved for qualified investors (FIMIT SGR S.p.A.) – Establishment of FARE SGR S.p.A., whose merger with FIMIT SGR S.p.A. in 2011 will lead to the establishment of IDeA Fimit SGR S.p.A., subsequently evolved into DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A.

  • 2004

    Beta Fund

    Placement and listing of Beta Fund: in the face of a global offer of 161,085 shares, requests were received for 203,900 shares.