Reserved Funds and SICAF

Fund nameStart of operation dateIndicative durationClassification EU Reg. 2088/2019 (SDFR)
Fondo Aedison06 July 2018 5 years from start of operations*
Fondo Aetmosphere01 August 2018 5 years from start of operations*
Fondo Altair31 July 202020 yearsunder Art. 8
Fondo Alveare21 December 201615 years
Ambiente Fund30 October 201415 years
Aries Fund30 June 200613 years
Atlantic 6 Fund21 July 20087 years
Fondo Broggi24 March 201720 yearsunder Art. 8
Civitas Vitae Fund12 February 201525 yearsunder Art. 8
Club Deal Fund
Conero Fund4 August 201112 years
Fondo Diamond Core28 July 201620 yearsunder Art. 8
Diamond Value Added Properties Fund26 October 201720 yearsunder Art. 8
Drake Fund17 September 202050 years
Fondo Drive17 December 2019The duration is set until 31 December 2029under Art. 8
Eta Fund28 January 200830 years
Fenice Fund28 December 20183 years
Fondo Gamma29 March 200515 years
Go Italia I FundOctober 201610 years
Go Italia II Fund28 July 201710 years
Go Italia III Fund22 July 201810 years
Go Italia V Fund19 July 201910 years
Go Italia VI Fund7 March 201910 years
Go Italia VII Fund10 yearsunder Art. 8
Go Italia VIII Fund3 March 202110 years
Generation Fund14 December 202110 yearsunder Art. 6
High Garden Fund31 May 201910 yearsunder Art. 8
Fondo Housing Sociale Liguria30 July 20147 yearsunder Art. 8
IDeA FIMIT Fund20 December 201330 years
Fondo Ippocrate02 March 200715 +5 years
Fondo Laurus28 December 20185 yearsunder Art. 8
Fondo Leone08 June 201810 years
Logita Fund1 March 202150 years
Lumiere FundNovember 201720 years
Mach Fund24 July 201910 years
Fondo Milan Development 127 July 201720 yearsunder Art. 8
Millennium Luxury Fund20/06/202220 anniunder Art. 8
Fondo Omega22 December 200815 years
Omicron Fund30 December 200815 years
Orso Fund18 October 20106 years
Fondo Park West5 yearsunder Art. 8
Private RE Fund15 November 200610 years
Renaissance Fund27 September 201710 years
Rho Core Fund14 December 200910 years
Rho Plus06 December 201115 years
Fondo Roma Santa Palomba11 November 201625 yearsunder Art. 8
Senior Fund25 January 201030 years
Fondo Sigma25 January 201030 years
Spazio Industriale Fund28 December 200510 years
Territorio fund28 November 200815 years
Fondo Tessalo01 August 201810 years
Fondo Theta09 June 201520 years
Fondo Trophy18 April 20167 years
Venere Fund29 December 20115 years
Fondo Yielding29 November 201615 years
Fondo Y04 November 20217 yearsunder Art. 8

(*) Possibility of maximum 2 extensions for a maximum period of 5 years for each extension.


Fund nameStart of operation dateIndicative durationClassification EU Reg. 2088/2019 (SDFR)
AREEF 2 Palio SICAF22 October 202030 years

NAPLES, Palazzo Museo Zevallos Stigliano, Via Toledo