Governance and strategies


DeA Capital RE. formalizes its commitment to acting as a responsible investor through the adoption of the ESG Policy adopted by the Board of Directors, the objective of which is to illustrate how the SGR intends to integrate ESG factors within its processes and its products.

In line with the principles of responsible investment, which inspires it and the strategy adopted on sustainability, the SGR has defined investment exclusions and exlusions of potential tenants of its properties too.

The AMC has identified four basic principles on which it can base its sustainability strategy, aimed at creating value for investors of managed AIFs, for the Group to which it belongs, for the holders and users of managed assets and for the communities in which they are involved

Board of Directors

Defines ESG programmes and approves the Policy, corporate and AIF strategies, and the classification of products under the SFDR. The AMC identified an “ESG point of contact” (“ESG Expert Director”) within the Board of Directors, with strengthened competences. They will also support the internal board committees on ESG issues. In keeping with this, the ESG Expert director has received specific training on “Business Sustainability”.Since 2022 43% of the Board is composed of independent directors and 29% are women Identification and training of an “ESG Expert” director.DeA Capital RE extends social responsibility and sustainability risk governance to all levels of management, administration and control. Details on roles and responsibilities are defined in the ESG Policy.



The AMC promotes ethical, legal and transparent behaviour in all business activities, and especially in the management of relations with clients, staff and all relevant stakeholders.

To this end, the AMC has set up an internal control and risk management framework that responds to international best governance practices and takes into account EU supervisory regulations.

To ensure ethical conduct, compliance with the laws and overall reliability of the Company, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR has adopted a Code of Ethics and a Control Model in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 231/2001.