Corporate Bodies

Board of Directors


  • Gianluca Grea

Chief Executive Officer

  • Emanuele Caniggia


  • Daniela Becchini
  • Stefania Boroli
    (ESG Expert Director)
  • Gianandrea Perco
  • Severino Salvemini
  • Andrea Casarotti

Independent Directors

  • Daniela Becchini
  • Gianluca Grea
  • Severino Salvemini

Board of Statutory Auditors


  • Gian Piero Balducci


  • Barbara Castelli
  • Annamaria Esposito Abate

Alternate Auditors

  • Fabiana Basile
  • Gianni Poggi

Policies And Procedures

DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. has adopted operating policies and procedures for the correct management of any conflicts of interests that envisage, among other things, the involvement of Independent Directors and the Board of Statutory Auditors in the decision-making process.

Boards Committees members

Risk and Control Committee: Gianluca Grea (President), Daniela Becchini, Gianandrea Perco

Nomination Committee: Severino Salvemini (President), Stefania Boroli, Gianluca Grea

Remuneratetion Committee: Gianluca Grea (President), Daniela Becchini, Manolo Santilli

Members of the Supervisory Body

Maurizio Bortolotto (President), Davide Bossi, Luca Voglino

Investments Committee

For the greater protection of the interests of investors, DeA Capital Real Estate SGR S.p.A. has also established an Investments Committee for the listed funds Alpha and Atlantic 1, with consultancy functions for certain management actions.