Gianluca Grea


Gianluca Grea was born in Genoa in 1964. After a first long period of his life living abroad, in Africa and Asia, he started his activity as freelancer in Italy, at leading national consultancy firms, acquiring over decades of experience in corporate, real estate and financial law.

In the period 1997-2014, he continued his professional career at the Pirelli Group, where he was General Counsel and Secretary of the Board of Directors in listed and supervised companies of the Pirelli Real Estate Group. Based on the various roles covered, he directly participated in M&A, capital market transactions, stock exchange listing processes, promotion of takeover bids also of shares in real estate funds, real estate asset management and servicing start-ups in the NPL sector.

During the expansion phase of the Group in Europe, he was responsible for the structuring and organisation, also participatory, coordinating and managing the various legal and corporate functions.

His recent experience focused in general on corporate governance issues, in particular with reference to the organisation and processes and procedures of financial intermediaries, subject to the supervision of the Authorities and, as regards previous experiences. Today, together with Alessandro Chieffi, and other partners, he founded CG Partners – Legal Governance, boutique firm specialised in corporate governance, internal control systems, capital markets and corporate transactions in general.

He was lecturer at the University of Genoa and Cattolica University of Piacenza, where he held courses on corporate governance issues. He is the author of publications and speaker at conferences.